ELL PARTNERSHIP (ELL.P) Law Firm, founded in 2011, is an Armenian Law Firm with a strong background in Business, Corporate Law and Litigation, providing a wide array of legal services and representing the best qualities that the local legal market has to offer. The Firm offers top level legal advice, expertise and representation in multiple fields of law, ranging from business and corporate law to international law. Our multilingual and diverse team has experience in providing top legal services to inter alia major investors, banks, sovereigns and international organizations, governments. The combination of the understanding of local business and the international standards of work culture are the essence of our services.

The Firm has the principal office in Yerevan, which is the financial and industrial center of the Republic of Armenia. From our main office we serve clients located all over Armenia and our international clients with business interests all over the country. We have also developed a strong network of offices through the world with whom we create professional relationships, in order to offer more responsive and efficient assistance to our international clientele.

Most of our lawyers have a foreign post-graduate legal education and have trained abroad, and are able to work and correspond in Armenian, English, Russian, French and Farsi. We recruit new attorneys with remarkable backgrounds and outstanding professional experience, who adhere to our primary objective of providing responsive and highly skilled services to our clients.

The Partnership unites young and professional law scientists and advocates (attorneys), who have studied at the leading universities of Armenia and the West (Tufts University, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy), Oxford University (Oxford, UK), University of California (Los Angeles, USA), American University (Washington DC, USA), Georgetown University (Washington DC, USA), MGIMO-University (Moscow, Russia), Geneva University (Geneva, Switzerland), Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (Geneva, Switzerland), and are practicing law in Armenia, as well as abroad.

The activity of the ELL and its members effuses from the maxim – “Expanding the borders of freedom” or “Expendus Limites Libero”. This concerns also the persons in cooperation with the Partnership, as the Partnership’s active and professional work helps the clients not to waste time and energy to perceive the whole legislation in the expense of development of own business strategy. This results in the enlargement of their freedom in the field of business and other fields.

We provide also international arbitration services. Moreover, some of the members of our team are arbitrators at European Arbitration Chamber (Brussels, Belgium) and acting counsels.

We are strongly committed to the highest level of professional qualification and, therefore, the attorneys of ELL are frequent expositors at various events such as conferences, legal seminars, as well as do engaged in teaching at major universities in the country, moreover editorial activities of domestic and International Law reviews.

Most of our Lawyers are professors at the leading Universities and other educational institutions of Armenia. We have professional contacts with professional, educational and research (think-tank) centers, like Yerevan State University, French University in Armenia, Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University, Chamber of Advocates of the Republic of Armenia, Bar Association of the Republic of Armenia, International and Comparative Law Center (ICLaw-Armenia), “SYNERGETICS” Innovative Center of Complex systems, etc.

Effective Development and growth is of foremost importance to us, but in an organized way and always respecting values of ethics and morality, this is why we heal strongly in the selection of our new partners and collaborators, both nationals and internationals.

Our clients vary from large, midsize and small industrial multinationals and financial institutions to individuals seeking legal advice on business and personal matters. Since its founding, ELL actuation has been characterized as strongly committed with assisting business to develop its activities and defend its legal interest.

Among other common legal services we have been developing several IT projects. One of the projects is dedicated to the electronic database of scientific-practical comments of the main legal acts of Armenia -

The other one is dedicated to the legal informative database, which brings together all necessary information and news from the world a one needs to know in order to have a comprehensive view -

One more project is dedicated to the network of law firms, which will define their main practice areas and other information. The network will be accessible in different international networks, which will help domestic and international Law Firms advertise their main advantages in their practice -

Our Law Firm also has set up a website called It is a system, which allows people to appeal administrative acts committed in violation of traffic safety rules. Our many years of experience in this area has been demonstrated by numerous successfully contested administrative acts and numerous cases of restoration of driver’s rights. The aim of our work is to appeal on the Internet administrative acts committed as a result of traffic violations without visiting a law office.

Another program of "ELL Partnership" Law Firm's is It is an intelligent system, that based on the legislation of the Russian Federation and judicial practice, which asks You questions necessary for solving a court case and, based on Your answers, considers the case and provides a professional, objective judicial act. People can answer the questions of E-Sud and get a possible solution to their case. With the help of E-Sud the parties to the dispute without a lawyer in just 5 minutes, answering questions and familiarizing themselves with the reasoned decision of E-Sud, will receive the necessary legal information to protect their rights and interests. For example, using an E-Sud decision, a party to a dispute can preliminarily find out due to what circumstances a state court will make a decision. Moreover, answering the questions of E-Sud, You can find out what evidence You need to present in court, etc.

Gohar Gevorgyan