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The Justice Monitoring Project
ELL Law Firm is honored to announce that we have signed an agreement with “Public Administration International” (PAi) launching a 22 months length “Justice monitoring project” funded by European Union. The Justice Monitoring Project is funded by the European Commission (EC). The Project partner is Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia. The project has a budget of 584,000 EUR. It commenced on 1st February 2016 and is expected to be completed by the end of November 2018. The project’s goal is to provide the governmental and non-governmental stakeholders in Armenia’s judicial system with a substantial, sustainable and trustworthy base of information and data regarding the justice needs of the people and their expectations towards the fairness of the justice processes.
“Accessible Law: questions and answers”
ELL in cooperation with the “Judicial Projects Implementation Unit” State Institution of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, the School of Advocates of the Republic of Armenia and the World Bank has published a manual – “Accessible Law: questions and answers”. The Project was implemented in the framework of the Developing legal awareness raising program.
Investment into the real estate
Consulted Sari Investments LLC (Armenia – UAE) on making investment into the real estate in Armenia. The total amount is about 3 million USD.
Sari Investments LLC (Armenia – UAE)
Consulted Sari Investments LLC (Armenia – UAE) on making investment in Armenia. The total amount is about $2.630.000.
Armenian Bar Association
ELL advised the Armenian Bar Association on international law issues.
Transfer of the sentenced persons
ELL assisted several sentenced persons in defending the right to be transferred to Armenia or from Armenia.
Hripsime G. Case
Successfully represented the interests of Hripsime G. in the court of first instance, court of appeal and cassation court in an employment dispute with a former employee.
Aletig LLC
Have made a legal opinion on export of a molybdenum.
Zhirayr Hovhannisyan, Bronze medal winner, 2009 European Wrestling Championships.
Providing legal assistance to Mr. Hovhannisyan on Wrestling Championships matter.
Russian food importing company.
Advised Russian food importing company on competition law compliance and trade terms development.
French distribution company dealing with a food.
Advised on compliance with EEU's anti-monopoly regulations.
Danone (Nutricia export), the Netherlands.
ELL assisted Danone (Nutricia export) with distribution agreements for Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.
Representation in the European Court of Human Rights.
Levon N. v. Armenia; Artak B. and others v. Armenia; Gehgam G. v. Armenia.
Enterprise Incubator Foundation, Microsoft Innovative Center Foundation, Armenia.
Full legal audit and compliance.
TM Audit, CJSC
ELL has developed the new Law on "Accounting", Law on "Audit" and other relevant regulations of the Republic of Armenia, (USAID support).
IT Reports
Providing legal finance support.
OSCE, Yerevan Office
ELL assisted in developing new law on "Demining" and "National Program on Demining" of the Republic of Armenia.
ELL fully supported Codefights start-up.
Sari Investments LLC (Armenia – UAE)
Developed a tax efficient structure for Sari Investments LLC (Armenia – UAE).
FATER S.P.A. (Italy).
Advised on protection of the trademarks of Tide (Ace).
Touch Master LLC
Advised on several tax issues.
Aratours Travel Services, (Armenia)
Advised Aratours Travel Services on labor law issues regarding daily business. ELL performed due diligence of the Aratours' employment paperwork in order to identify and minimize potential risks.
Eric D. v. Armenia (ICSID).
ELL Law Firm Represented and advised client in ICSID international arbitration proceeding. Drafted the Statement of Claim.
Criminal case, Andranik P. (Military officer).
After being convicted by a court of first instance for 2 years imprisonment, Mr. Andranik P. was released by the decision of the court of appeal with the assistance of ELL.
The training for non-lawyer staff of the Central bank of Armenia.
ELL has delivered a training for non-lawyer staff of the Central bank of Armenia. All the participants were awarded with Certificates. The training to be continued.
SOS Systems LLC
ELL has constructed a comprehensive legal collection service representing SOS Systems. Our attorneys worked with SOS Systems to tailor a collection strategy which utilized a hybrid of third party collection techniques and litigation in order to maximize debt recovery. ELL provided the client with the best possible service we employ an advanced collections software system, a wide array of skip-tracing tools for cross-referencing, and a call center managed by experienced debt collection attorneys and staff. Our Law Firm provided the creditor “one stop shopping” for all their collection and litigation needs.
Anti-competitive conduct and imposition of a fine.
ELL provided with the legal advise to the major Armenian winery with respect to anti-competitive conduct and imposition of a fine in Brussels.
Edmond Khudyan and Arin Capital & Investment Corp. v. Republic of Armenia (ICSID)
"ELL PARTNERSHIP" Law Firm represents the claimants in international investment arbitration (Mr. Edmond Khudyan and Arin Capital & Investment Corp. v. Republic of Armenia, (ICSID Case No. ARB/17/36)).