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Armenian Bar Association.
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Our Private & Public Practice Area advises both private clients and public sector entities in every aspect of law. Public contracting:

  • Advising public sector entities on the preparation and adjudication of contracts.
  • Public infrastructure - Advising private sector clients on tender proceedings and the performance of public contracts.
  • Contractual disputes.
  • Proceedings before administrative tribunals of control and oversight of accounts.
  • Regulated sectors (e.g. credit entities, telecommunications, energy and securities markets).
  • Administrative infringements and sanctions - Public property (water, mines, coasts and ports, public authority property).
  • Expropriations.
  • State aid and subsidies.
  • Liability of public authorities.
  • Preparation of draft legislation.
  • Providing legal advice to private clients and families on tax, law and finance.

We aim to provide comprehensive services to help clients protect their financial security and their legacy for future generations. As a result of the firm’s leadership role in this specialty area (which has been recognized by our clients) and the indisputable quality of our tax and commercial areas, the lawyers in this practice offer a wide range of services of the highest quality and expertise. They represent clients in areas such as tax planning and advising; counseling on financial instruments and investment management; incorporation and management of family offices; specialized legal advice in all types of private equity investments and resolution of disputes and legal proceedings related to all the issues that can affect the financial well-being of a family or its members.

Armenian Bar Association ELL advised the Armenian Bar Association on international law issues.
21 Apr 2016 "Synergetics of transitional states." Interview with ELL Founding Partner, Taron Simonyan. Synergetics of transitional states...
21 Apr 2016 "Economic development of Artsakh as an initial task for all of us." Interview with ELL Founding Partner, Taron Simonyan. Economic development of Artsakh as an initial task for all of us...
21 Apr 2016 "Discussion on the new Armenian Constitution." Interview with ELL Executive Partner, Norayr Balayan. Discussion on the new Armenian Constitution....
22 Apr 2016 "State-Legal Complexity and Synergetics." "State-Legal Complexity and Synergetics." Part I, Complexity of transitional and unstable social-state systems: synergetic vision.
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25 Sep 2017 The fourth and last Steering Committee meeting of ‘’Justice Monitoring Project'' took place. The fourth and last Steering Committee meeting of the Project took place on September 19th at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Yerevan.
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