ELL PARTNERSHIP Law Firm was founded in 2011. It’s an Armenian Law Firm with a strong background in Business, Corporate Law and Litigation, providing a wide array of legal services and representing the best qualities that the local legal market has to offer. The Firm offers top level legal advice, expertise and representation in multiple fields of law, ranging from business and corporate law to international law.

The Partnership unites young and professional law scientists and attorneys, who have studied at the leading universities of Armenia and the West. They have trained abroad and are able to work and correspond in Armenian, English, Russian, French and Persian.

Our multilingual and diverse team has experience in providing top legal services to inter alia major investors, banks, sovereigns and international organizations, governments. The combination of the understanding of local business and the international standards of work culture are the essence of our services. We have also developed a strong network of offices through the world with whom we create professional relationships, in order to offer more responsive and efficient assistance to our international clientele. We provide also international arbitration services. Moreover, some of the members of our team are arbitrators at European Arbitration Chamber (Brussels, Belgium) and acting counsels.

The activity of the ELL and its members effuses from the maxim – “Expanding the borders of freedom” or “Expendus Limites Libero”. This concerns also the persons in cooperation with the Partnership, as the Partnership’s active and professional work helps the clients not to waste time and energy to perceive the whole legislation in the expense of development of own business strategy. This results in the enlargement of their freedom in the field of business and other fields.

We are strongly committed to the highest level of professional qualification and, therefore, the attorneys of ELL are frequent expositors at various events such as conferences, legal seminars, workshops, trainings, as well as do engaged in teaching at major universities in the country, moreover editorial activities of domestic and International Law reviews.

Effective development and professional growth, team unity and high quality customer service, values of ethics and morality are of foremost importance to us. This is why we heal strongly in the selection of our new partners and collaborators, both nationals and internationals.

Gohar Gevorgyan