Quality through diversity – the Law Firm unified lawyers with diverse legal backgrounds ranging from international law and human rights to corporate law and banking. We believe that this unique amalgamation is critical for securing international standards with the resources of the local market. We combine our knowledge in multiple legal fields to secure the utmost excellence of our services.

Success is the only option – the Law Firm has been created with the sole goal of becoming one of the leading law firms in Armenian market and in the region; and as such we have determined success as our only option. Whereas our success is determined only through the success of our clients, we put all available resources to get the upper hand in all matters.

Flexibility – despite the fact that our lawyers have experience in the most sophisticated legal transactions and cases that the Armenian market has to offer, we remain flexible and approachable for all our clients. Policy flexibility, openness and pro bono activities of its members are always valued by the Law Firm.

Constant development – one of our central principles is that there is always room for development. The Law Firm’s team always looks for new horizons of professional knowledge; be that research of relevant case law, interpretations of the Constitutional Court’s Decisions, gaining knowledge in additional fields of specialization or learning international best practices, we never stand still and always move forward.


Ararat Antonyan