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Public Administration
The Justice Monitoring Project
ELL Law Firm is honored to announce that we have signed an agreement with “Public Administration International” (PAi) launching a 22 months length “Justice Monitoring Project”. The Project is funded by the European Commission (EC) and is implemented in a consortium with ELL Partnership Law Firm. The Project partner is the Ministry of Justice of RA. The project has a budget of 584,000 EUR. The project’s goal is to provide the governmental and non-governmental stakeholders in Armenia’s judicial system with a substantial, sustainable and trustworthy base of information and data regarding the justice needs of the people and their expectations towards the fairness of the justice processes. The Project’s objective is twofold: 1. to support the justice system actors in conducting knowledge-based policy by establishing trustworthy system to analyse baseline and post-line data about people’s justice needs, their satisfaction with justice sector services, as well as measuring their overall compliance with the rule of law and fair trial expectations and international standards; contribute to development of relevant institutional and personnel capacities of the state actors and civil society; 2. to assist the government to fulfill its international obligations under Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, with regard to the prohibition of ill-treatment and ensuring observance of the standards as to treatment of persons deprived of their liberty and related recommendations of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture.
“Accessible Law: questions and answers”
ELL in cooperation with the “Judicial Projects Implementation Unit” State Institution of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, the School of Advocates of the Republic of Armenia and the World Bank has published a manual – “Accessible Law: questions and answers”. The Project was implemented in the framework of the Developing legal awareness raising program.
OSCE, Yerevan Office
ELL assisted in developing new law on "Demining" and "National Program on Demining" of the Republic of Armenia.
“Support to improve the bankruptcy system in Armenia” Project
The Project is funded by UK Good Governance Fund (GGF). It is implemented in consortium with ELL Partnership Law Firm. An efficient and responsive bankruptcy system is one of the key features of a functioning business environment. A well-functioning bankruptcy system protects the interests of all parties faced with bankruptcy, while creating conducive conditions for a “fresh start” for distressed businesses. In order to this, the project aims to deliver the following outcome: A more efficient and responsive bankruptcy system, providing increased transparency and enhanced safeguards for both investors and entrepreneurs. This will be achieved through the outputs set out below: Output 1: Assessment (monitoring) of the legislative and practical elements of the current bankruptcy system, including identification of key systemic gaps and comparison against international good practice. Output 2: Development of a road map with an action plan for bankruptcy system reform, based on the main findings identified through the Output 1 assessment. Output 3: Development of an outline of an electronic interoperable platform for administering bankruptcy cases (e-bankruptcy), specifying the overall architecture of the e-platform, including functionality, scalability and system requirements. “ELL Partnership” presented the report on bankruptcy research. In particular, data collection activities have been carried out in the following stages: Public Opinion Survey, which includes interviews with legal entities and individuals who have been bankrupt or are still in the process of bankruptcy over the past three years, conducting in-depth interviews and focus group interviews with field specialists and Ministries. The survey was aimed at revealing the problems arising in different stages of the bankruptcy process in Armenia, as well as the expectations and positions of policy makers and key players in this field, as well as their possible solutions. Bankruptcy System Assessment Report։
“Support to improve the bankruptcy system in Armenia” Project
Bankruptcy System Assessment Report։