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ELL Partnership Law Firm leverages the full breadth for Clients of recover from natural and manmade disasters.

Our service offerings help your organization navigate the lifecycle of a crisis: readiness, response, and recovery.

The crisis management process involves much more than managing the crisis itself — although that's arguably the most important part.

1. Pre-Crisis
The first part of crisis management is preventing any potential crises. This involves creating a crisis management plan, hiring and training your crisis management team, and conduct practice exercises for implementing your plan.

2. Crisis Management and Response
The second step in the crisis management process is likely what you consider when you think of crisis management — the process of dealing with and responding to the different stages of crisis.

3. Post-Crisis
When a crisis passes or subsides, your crisis management work is hardly finished. It's imperative that you remain in contact with your employees, customers, and stakeholders and remain available to answer questions. It's also best practice to send proactive updates to these parties.

A crisis management plan is an established process a business follows when dealing with a disruptive or unexpected emergency situation. Your crisis management plan should be completed prior to crises so your business is prepared to use it to combat and rectify any unexpected events.

Gohar Gevorgyan