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"They have fantastic, fair people with whom you want to work. I have seen their work, and I think the world of them."

Eric D. v. Armenia (ICSID).
"Fantastic approach and uncommon defense strategy", (A. Antinyan, Blognews - Founding Director).

Lilit Hovhannisyan v. Blognews.
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Litigation is the legal practice area most commonly and traditionally associated with lawyers. Coupled with the fact that court proceeding are understood to be the top of the pyramid of any legal dispute this means that litigation practice in one of the lawyers most important tasks. Our Litigation & Arbitration practice area advises on civil and commercial disputes. We create multidisciplinary teams so that, in addition to leading specialists in litigation and arbitration, every client benefits from the expertise of lawyers from relevant practice areas. Our aim is to offer our clients added value in every negotiation, claim and arbitration. It is one of our main goals to understand the specific characteristics of the sectors in which our clients operate, be it banking, finance, energy, infrastructures, construction, real estate, consumer goods to name but a few. In determining the strategy to be adopted in a dispute, we use this specialist knowledge to ensure the needs and concerns of our clients are paramount, an approach which affords us a competitive advantage valued at both an international and domestic level.

ELL Partnership's primary Litigation & Arbitration services include the following:

  • with respect to corporate and commercial law, litigation arising from relationships within corporations, claims relating to the liability of corporate directors and claims arising from contracts entered into by corporations, particularly distribution and agency agreements,
  • all aspects of civil law, including liability under contract and in tort, claims arising from insurance contracts, real estate law, construction law, family law, debt collection, insolvency and both national and international testamentary and succession matters.
  • adversarial administrative proceedings,
  • administrative proceedings before all types of government bodies, particularly claims against administrative agencies based on breaches of civil law and social welfare issues,
  • environmental issues arising under civil law, administrative law and criminal law,
  • new technologies, particularly data protection,
  • execution of foreign judgments,
  • insolvency proceedings,
  • appeals of all types, even before the Supreme Court,
  • national and international arbitration.

The firm's International Arbitration group is assisting clients with complex, cross-border dispute resolution. Our International Arbitration team can quickly and efficiently assemble experienced and knowledgeable teams to provide global service on arbitration involving international commercial and investment disputes. ELL has a practice in investment treaty arbitration, as well as in international commercial arbitration. ELL has also practices in the “investor-state” disputes before the ICSID. ELL’s lawyers regularly serve as mediator in many disputes.

Eric D. v. Armenia (ICSID). ELL Law Firm Represented and advised client in ICSID international arbitration proceeding. Drafted the Statement of Claim.
Criminal case, Andranik P. (Military officer). After being convicted by a court of first instance for 2 years imprisonment, Mr. Andranik P. was released by the decision of the court of appeal with the assistance of ELL.
SOS Systems LLC ELL has constructed a comprehensive legal collection service representing SOS Systems. Our attorneys worked with SOS Systems to tailor a collection strategy which utilized a hybrid of third party collection techniques and litigation in order to maximize debt recovery. ELL provided the client with the best possible service we employ an advanced collections software system, a wide array of skip-tracing tools for cross-referencing, and a call center managed by experienced debt collection attorneys and staff. Our Law Firm provided the creditor “one stop shopping” for all their collection and litigation needs.
Edmond Khudyan and Arin Capital & Investment Corp. v. Republic of Armenia (ICSID) "ELL PARTNERSHIP" Law Firm represents the claimants in international investment arbitration (Mr. Edmond Khudyan and Arin Capital & Investment Corp. v. Republic of Armenia, (ICSID Case No. ARB/17/36)).
21 Apr 2016 "Legal mistake's institute should take its place in Armenia." Interview with ELL Founding Partner, Taron Simonyan. Legal mistake's institute should take its place in Armenia...
22 Apr 2016 Intensive Course on “International Commercial and Investment Arbitration” at the Russian-Armenian University. ELL has the honor to inform that we have delivered Intensive Course on “International Commercial and Investment Arbitration”...
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04 Jun 2018 The heritage from previous authorities: the claim for compensation of millions dollars by the businessman from Armenian Diaspora
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31 Jul 2019 The Administrative Court of the Republic of Armenia in practice adopted a unique decision
20 Aug 2020 IAReporter about the latest news on the arbitration dispute Edmond Khudyan and Arin Capital v. Armenia
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