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Expanding the borders of freedom

Simple solution to
complex questions

Our Philosophy

We believe that the LAW is one of the main tools for organizing human behaviour in such an effective way, which can multiply the creativity of persons and the society as a whole. 

Discovering the essence and potential of law through legal practice is the shortest way to expand the business opportunities for our clients making them tackle the essencial problems and focuse on their main busness goals.   

Our philosophy effuses from the maxim – “Expanding the borders of freedom” or “Expendus Limites Libero”.

Practice areas


We advise on general commercial law matters that are common to all practice areas and industry sectors, such as general contracts, incorporation and liquidation of companies, keeping of company records and agency agreements.


We create multidisciplinary teams so that, in addition to leading specialists in litigation and arbitration, every client benefits from the expertise of lawyers from relevant practice areas.


With our management skills we bring new business culture. With our excellent relations across the civil service, local government, parliament, the media and civil society organisations, International organizations and Embassies


We provide services on Personal Data Protection ( PDP ), Protection of Intellectual Property ( IP ), Artificial Intelligence Regulations ( AI ) and different tools for Legal Tech

Meet our team

The Partnership unites young and professional law scientists and attorneys, who have studied at the leading universities of Armenia and the West. They have trained abroad and are able to work and correspond in Armenian, English, Russian and French.


Our multilingual and diverse team has experience in providing top legal services to inter alia major investors, banks, sovereigns and international organizations, governments. The combination of the understanding of local business and the international standards of work culture are the essence of our services. We have also developed a strong network of offices through the world with whom we create professional relationships, in order to offer more responsive and efficient assistance to our international clientele. We provide also international arbitration services in the USA (International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes - ICSID), European Union member states (International Chamber of Commerce - ICC, European Arbitration Chamber), Eurasian Union member states, UAE, etc.

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