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The RA Law "On Cashless Operations" entered into force on July 1


"ELL Partnership" law firm systematically presents the content of the law and its regulations.

A new case of unfair competition was prevented in the market of economic competition


Another important victory of "ELL Partnership" Law Firm in the fight against unfair competition in RA, which stopped the sale of counterfeit toys imported to RA and prevented their continued importation.

An important victory in the context of the formation of judicial practice


This victory is especially important for the formation of judicial practice, because different interpretations given by the courts can be seen in similar court cases.

Relocation of business to Armenia


We present all the information needed for business relocation.

The issues of compensation for a moral damage in Armenia


The Attorney at law of our Law Firm - Gohar Avagyan presents the moral damage compensation issues in Armenia within the framework of the program "Your Advocate".

Arbitration and Mediation in Armenia


The Founder of "ELL PARTNERSHIP" Law Firm, Taron Simonyan on the topic "Arbitration and Mediation in Armenia" within the framework of "Your Advocate" program.

Defending the interests of the charity in court


The Partner, General Director of our Law Firm, attorney at law Gohar Gevorgyan, represented in court the interests of SOS Children's Villages Armenia v. Iravunk Media LLC. She demanded to publicly deny the information about our Client published on the iravunk.com news site and to pay compensation.

Interview about the Independence


Interview with Taron Simonyan, the Founder of "ELL PARTNERSHIP" Law Firm, within the framework of "Your Advocate" program.

Let's give life to our culture together


Our Law Firm has joined the initiative of Nvirak Cultural Foundation, "Let's give life to our culture together." We make our contribution to the implementation of the programs, we involve everyone in the work of awakening the national culture.